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Private Loans


We Help You Lending is a private money lending mortgage brokerage based in Whittier, California.  We access our extensive nationwide network of direct private money lenders to help you achieve your specific financing goal.
We specialize in financing any real estate property thru our network of direct private money lenders on loans of up to $2 Million or more is case by case.  Call us to discuss your loan scenario and put our private money resources to work for you today.

We respect you and value your time, call us to discuss any lending scenario.



Industrial ( Manufacturing & Warehouse )
Hospitality ( Hotel, Motel & Restaurant )

Multifamily ( Apartment Buildings )

Office ( Business & Medical )

Retail ( Strip & Shopping Center )

Single Family ( Houses & Apt. Units )

If your property types is not listed above call us!  


Where can you lend?
Our primary market is Southern California, but we can lend anywhere in the United States.
Is your primary concern is the equity in the property?
Yes, that is correct.
How high is your loan to value?
Usually it's case by case, but up to 65% or higher in some cases, call to discuss higher LTV’s.
Can you lend on owner occupied and non-owner-occupied properties?
Yes, we need to tell us your objective.

Is there a prepayment penalty?
Each private lender is different, sometimes yes, sometimes no, we will let you know upfront.
What are your lending limits?
We don’t have lending limits because our network of private lenders can finance any amount.

What do you need from me?
To get started give us a call.