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Loan Workouts


Our goal is to provide up front honest answers and to tell you quickly if a loan modification or loan workout solution is right for you. 

Loan Modification or Loan Workout: 
The goal is to have your current loan modified by your lender to payments that are in line with your ability to pay.  We work hard at achieving that objective and we provide you with a road map of the process from start to finish.

Short Sale: 
A short sale or any other potential option is discuss with you up front so there is a clear understanding of how we can help you handle your unique situation.

As a last resort, we can discuss this option with you and refer a bankruptcy attorney provide a consultation on this very important decision so that you have all of your options laid out.

All potential solutions are discussed and presented so that you understand the different options available.


•   What is a Loan Modification? It is a change in the terms of a borrower’s loan.

•   Do I qualify for a Loan Modification? Yes and No, it depends, on lots of different factors that we
     need to know to help determine if you qualify, the consultation is free, call us.

•   What is Hardship? Every situation is different, but it includes: losing your job, depression, family
     or friend passing away, divorce, and lower personal income.

•   I am not late with my mortgage payment; can I apply for a Loan Modification?  Yes, you
    don’t have to be late to apply of a Loan Modification.

•   Which Loan Servicing Companies do you work with? We work with all the Loan Servicing
     Companies, from A to Z.

•   Do you charge a fee upfront for your loan advisory services or loan modification services? 
     No, we don’t charge any fees upfront, but we do charge a fee at the end of a successful loan
     modification, once we have successfully negotiated a great outcome for you.

•   My home is “ Underwater” or has “ a little equity”, can I apply for a Loan Modification? Yes,
     we can help you, little or no equity helps you qualify, unless you have lots of equity.

•   My local hometown bank declined my refinance request, do I qualify for a Loan
 Yes, we can tell you upfront if you qualify for a Loan Modification.

•   I received a Notice Of Default (NOD) from my Loan Servicing Company since I have
     not made a payment in several months, I am stress out of my mind, can you help me?
     we can help you, but we need to get started quickly, give us a call.

•    It’s been two months since my Loan Modification application request was submitted to my
     Loan Servicing Company, what is going on, why is this taking so long?
 Yes, I agree, a properly
     completed application can be approved or declined within two to four weeks of summiting the
     Loan Modification application, it all depends on the Loan Servicing Company.

•   Does having equity help me or hurt me in applying a loan modification? No equity helps you
    in applying for a loan modification, but we need to understand your entire situation.

•   Agustin, how long have you been in business? Started lending advisory in 1997, began
    mortgage brokering in 1999 and have since helped hundreds of satisfied clients.

•   Agustin, have you ever had a problem with your clients personal information or records
    being loss, stolen or any issues of that kind?
 No, in twenty plus years in business, I have never
    had one situation were our clients personal information was compromised in any way.

•    Are you currently a member of the Better Business Bureau?  No, but we used to be a paid